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WOD 4/2
2nd Apr, 2020

WOD 4/2

Warm Up- Athlete’s Choice 10 Minutes


Every Minute On The Minute

Do 5 Broad Jumps or 5 Burpee Squats until all reps are completed.

100 Air Squats

200 Total Walking Lunges

100 Lateral Lunges

200 Total Banded Kick Backs

100 Hamstring Bridges


*Start the workout with 5 Broad Jumps, then work towards the 100 Air Squats. When the top of the minute comes around, do 5 Burpee Squats, then go back to work on total reps until all reps are completed. Be sure to alternate Broad Jumps and Burpee Squats at the top of every minute.



Double Unders or 2x Jumping Jacks

Banded Lateral Shuffles Each Way

Sit Ups