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9th Apr, 2020

4.9 WOD

Warm Up

5 Min Cardio

10 Minutes Static Stretching

*Hold poses 1 Minute Each

Runners Lunge R

Runners Lunge L

Budda Squat

Seated Straddle Center Stretch

Seated Straddle 30 sec Right / 30 sec Left

Scorpion 30 Sec R / 30 Sec L

Pigeon Pose R

Pigeon Pose L

Childs Pose




2 Rounds at 1 Minute Max Reps  with 20 seconds rest between sets

Alternating Lateral Squat 

Plank Jacks

Glute Bridges with Abduction

Lunge to Calf Raise Right

Lunge to Calf Raise Left

Alternating Lateral Lunges

Banded Kick Backs Right

Banded Kick Backs Left

Banded Lateral Kicks Right

Banded Lateral Kicks Left

Alternating Lunges

Banded Single Leg Deadlift Right

Banded Single Leg Deadlift Left




Ladder Up EMOM

0:00-1 MIN

1 Squat Jump + 2 Jump Lunges

1 -2:00 MIN

1 Squat Jump + 2 Jump Lunges 2x

2:00-3:00 MIN

1 Squat Jump + 2 Jump Lunges 3x

Etc. Keep going until you can’t complete the required reps in the 60 seconds