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4.21 WOD
21st Apr, 2020

4.21 WOD

Warm Up with 4 minutes cardio & 8 minutes of mobility

Workout is tempo based. Slow everything way down.

3 sets of 8 reps.
4 count going down
2 count hold at the bottom
4 count going up
2 count hold at the top
That’s 1 rep.

Bench press
Bent over row
Diamond push up
Pull ups/banded overhead pull down
DB Flys
Rev. Flys

3 sets
Bicep curls till failure
20 tricep kick backs
20 dips
That’s 1 set

Finish with (total)
100 Mtn. Climbers
100 flutter kicks
80 plank jacks
80 Bic. Crunches
60 alt. Leg lifts
60 heel touches
40 plank builds
40 rainbows
20 hover hip drops side to side
20 Russian twist