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31st May, 2016

Bobby King

“Leave your legacy.”

Bobby brings with him an extensive training history and passion for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. He demonstrates impeccable technique, strength & sportsmanship in his career as a professional MMA Fighter & Koach. Bobby’s training style is subtle and extensive as he delivers unique striking combinations.  He has developed a passion and phenomenal dedication to The Bang Muay Thai striking system. Bobby works closely with Sensei Duane Ludwig & travels almost weekly to Sharpen his skills in Colorado at the BMT HQ. Bobby has extensive knowledge in high level Jiu Jitsu. He’s finished a lot of his pro fights by submission.
Bobby also leads by example with high intensity interval training and dynamic strength workouts.

We are lucky to have Bobby as a Co/Owner and Co/Head koach at Koa Kingdom. His classes pack a killer punch and you will leave feeling empowered with a fighter’s spirit!