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Experience an unparalleled appreciation for mixed martial arts and train like a fighter would to prepare for a fight. Work through combinations of bag work, HIIT training, explosive movements, strength and conditioning. Your coach will Advance your movement from groundwork to the bag, learn moves you see MMA fighters use in the cage without ever getting hit. This is a You vs MMAFit kind of workout. If you are up for a challenge, Bring it on!


This class has all the elements of boxing and kickboxing with a touch of crazy! We recommend taking a few boxing and kickboxing classes before jumping into this one.


Revolutionize your fitness routine. Innovation that drives results. Be a BadAss. 800-1000+ calories


We provide all the bags for you to workout on during your class as well as barbells, kettle-bells, dumb-bells, battle ropes, jump ropes, climbing ropes, sleds, tires, sledge hammers, and the list goes on. Hand wraps and boxing gloves must be worn as you work combinations on the heavy bag. Bring a towel because you’ll sweat.


“MMA Fit is so much fun! I love this class more than anything. It has helped get me into shape the quickest. This class is so intense both mentally and physically. It has strengthened my energy and endurance, not only during class, but also for the rest of the day. This class has pushed my mind and body past anything I thought was possible. It has given me confidence in knowing I can do hard things.” - Juliet Scalise

“MMA FIT is my favorite class! I love the intensity of this class. I leave with so much energy.” - Casey Wood

“MMA has helped me step outside of the box and learn how to use my entire body with various techniques.” - Wendy Masters

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