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Unleash your inner warrior as your coach teaches you to kick, knee, elbow and breakthrough your fitness barriers. Heavy bag work plus functional movement is sure to increase your strength, cardio fitness, flexibility, speed, agility and get you tone in all the right places; legs, booty, core and more! With every class, you will gain confidence in your combos and take it with you as you conquer your day.


Live with confidence. Move with agility. Advocate progress. Knockout 700-1000+ calories in this non stop 60 minute class.


We provide heavy bags for you to take on during your class. Hand wraps and boxing gloves must be worn as you work combinations on the heavy bag. Hand-wraps and gloves are available to borrow if you don’t have your own equipment, however we encourage you to eventually get your own.


Kickboxing is a class designed for all levels. Our coaches are happy to demonstrate scaled options that will provide a workout for beginners or those just starting a training program. It is recommended to get permission from your physician before starting any training program.


“I was doing kickboxing consistently at the end of last year. In three weeks only I noticed a HUGE difference in my butt and thigh area. The results over a short period of time were noticeable and awesome. “ - Hillary Galyean “Cardio and endurance! I am able to run further than I ever have without stopping. I am grateful for strong legs and the ability to run, my legs are tone!” - Janice Green

“Boxing and Kickboxing are new challenges that I needed. There is always something new to challenge either my brain or my body. I like that it’s a new combo and that I’m not bored with or a new way to sweat every time. I feel confidence in a new workout style that I didn't think I was strong enough to do. I like the group of people and the atmosphere that challenges everyone in the room to try without intimidation. The short list: I feel powerful. I sweat buckets. I love the coach’s attitudes. Healthy people rock!” -Mindy Talbot


  • Monday 9:15 AM Emily Shaw
  • Monday 5:30 PM Bobby King
  • Tuesday 6:05AM Emily Stevenson
  • Tuesday 6:30 PM Emily Shaw
  • Wednesday 5:00 AM Emily Shaw
  • Wednesday 9:15 AM Emily Shaw
  • Friday 6:05 AM EMILY & BOBBY
  • Saturday 7:00 AM EMILY & BOBBY