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Feel empowered as you jab, cross, hook, slip and roll through combinations that condition your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and core. Up beat music keeps your body moving while our qualified coaches help to keep you motivated and focused. Learn authentic technique through combinations and challenge your body with functional movement. You will tone your body, strengthen your endurance and build your confidence all while destroying calories.


Find your focus. Feel your Power. Be authentic. Knockout 700-1000+ calories in this 60 minute workout.


We provide a variety of bags for you to take on during this class. Hand wraps and boxing gloves must be worn as you work combinations on the heavy bag. Hand-wraps and gloves are available to borrow if you don’t have your own equipment, however we encourage you to eventually get your own.


Boxing is a class designed for all levels. Our coaches are happy to demonstrate scaled options that will provide a workout for beginners or those just starting a training program. It is recommended to get permission from your physician before starting any training program.


“I think one of the greatest benefits have been the feeling of empowerment and confidence in learning new skills and experiencing improvement physically and mentally. It's interesting that as I'm entering my 50s I still feel physically that I haven't reached my peak yet. I feel my cardio has improved and my body, as a whole has become stronger. I know that there is more within me, without feeling overwhelmed. I've learned to accept challenges and enjoy experiencing my body moving in different ways. These classes are more than just a cardio workout, they are learning about a new skill that can improve my life, my strength, my muscle tone and especially my self confidence.” -Susan Green

“Boxing and Kickboxing has given me great endurance to keep pushing through and has given me some nice traps and shoulders” -Wendy Masters

BOXING's Schedule

  • Monday 5:00 AM Bobby King
  • Wednesday 5:30 PM Bobby King
  • Friday 9:15 AM EMILY & BOBBY