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Join The 4 Week Fight Camp!
February 1-27, 2021
Members $35 (Must pledge to do 5 classes per week, get a new Fight Shirt) VENMO @emsky14
Non-Members $130 (4 Weeks of Unlimited Classes, Add a Fight Shirt for $15)

Koa Kingdom Workouts + Dexabody + Trifecta Meal Plans

The Dexa scan is widely considered the GOLD standard of body composition analysis and body fat testing. It has the LOWEST error rates available, provides the most COMFORTABLE test, and the scan can be conducted in normal workout clothing, without any special preparation.

  • Establish a baseline at the start of your fitness or diet plan
  • Understand key areas of muscle and see gains as you train
  • Visualize areas of fat in different regions of your body, which may be hindering your performance
  • Analyze muscle symmetry in specific body regions, helping to identify possible weaknesses and help you focus your training regimen
  • Identify areas of possible concern with bone density
  • Monitor your progress in various body regions
  • Identify locations that need extra attention during workouts
  • Monitor your true health improvements by seeing reductions in your body fat percentage
    1 Scan $52
    2 Scans $82

Dexabody Appointment

Together we will commit to make better nutrition choices, push harder in our daily workouts, connect with our team, and show up for ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually.  We will not quit when the going gets tough!

To prepare for a fight, a fighter must hone in on his/her nutrition.  Fueling your fight camp is important and crucial to your results. WE ARE ATHLETES and we want to feed our body as such.

Yes, Bobby will cut A LOT of weight.  He will weigh in at 155 on November 13, and the second he gets off that scale and we refuel him with electrolytes, fruit and pasta.  He will go to sleep weighing 165 and wake up in the morning weighing 168-170.  We want to make sure you understand that we have Bobby’s cuts down to a healthy system for his needs in this sport.  The way Bobby cuts weight will not be the way the rest of us go after it.

A huge part of Bobby’s Fight Camp is Strength and Conditioning, HIIT, Sparring, Jiu Jitsu, Bang Muay Thai, Mitt-Work, Road Work and Recovery.

Thank you for your support, energy and continued belief in Bobby and Koa Kingdom.